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Southern Architecture: Tour an 1894 Queen Anne Mansion on Missionary Ridge

The National Register of Historic Places Hutcheson House in Chattanooga, TN

Historic Missionary Ridge sits high above and looks down on the sprawling City of Chattanooga.  It played a very important part in the Civil War and homes were being developed here as early as 1880.  At one time, it was a city unto itself, home to the wealthy industrialists of the time, with its own Mayor, schools, churches and transportation.

Roundup: 5 Hearty Southern Soups to Warm Your Soul

I'm officially snowed in today and this has me craving a big old pot of Southern goodness. In these gray and sunless cold winter days, nothing is more fulfilling to both body and soul than a bowl of hearty soup!  I hope you enjoy this roundup of some of the best the South has to offer! Give the recipes a try and let me know how you and your family like them!  Follow the links and give a big thanks to the wonderful chefs who created these fabulous recipes!  Bon Appetite!

Food & Drink: Bourbon Cherry Ginger Fizz Cocktail for a New Year's Eve Celebration

A Bubbly Bourbon Cocktail to Ring in the New Year!

While Champagne will always be the traditional drink of choice for New Year's Eve, it is always fun to have a selection of drinks and mixers available.  Every year I have a signature cocktail for everyone to try as the celebration gets under way during the evening.

There is nothing better than ushering in  2017 with a glass of sparkling Bourbon Cherry Ginger Fizz. This by far is one of my favorite cocktails to make – fresh, festive, colorful and super easy to make.

Style Inspiration: Bar Cart Styling for a Classy New Year's Gathering

A Step by Step Style Guide for Styling your New Year's Bar Cart

Nothing can make a New Year's gathering more festive than a well-styled bar cart with all the accouterments your guest's might need to whip themselves up a cocktail or grab a little snack. Since I live in a smaller space, I used my tray table and two totally different pieces of art; one an oil painting, to create an Elegant Low Country feel and the other, a fun piece of Mad Men-esque Graphic Art.

Celebrate: A Gracious Southern Home on Lake Chickamauga

Celebrating with a Birthday Gathering on the Lake

I spent this past Friday evening with a great group of people celebrating the birthday of my beautiful friend Kim.  This is her new house on Lake Chickamauga that she shares with her husband, daughter and two beautiful dogs, Jake and Zeus. It is a truly stunning masterpiece!

I hope you enjoy the tour, with the house all decked out in Christmas finery.  She has a beautiful family and an equally beautiful home. 

Style Inspiration: Mad about Tartan Plaid - Fashion and Home Decor

12 Tartan Plaid Ideas for You and Your Home

There is something about tartan plaid that just speaks to me.  It reminds me of my heritage and has a way of imparting a timeless feel to everything it touches, from cozy flannel bedding to Christmas stockings hanging gently from the mantle.  

Cozy tartan plaid accents have a way of saying "Welcome":  to winter, to the joys of the holiday season and it adds that special touch to festive times spent with family and friends.

For the fashionista, tartan plaid is a beautiful way to add that extra special punch to any winter outfit and it makes for a gorgeous holiday evening gown!  You can't go wrong by choosing these special pieces to add to your winter wardrobe!

Weekending: The Artisan Goods Shopping Paradise on Small Shop Saturday!

I set out on a quest this weekend to honor Small Shop Saturday and ended up at Hunt and Burrow Mercantile, a local Artisan Shopping Mall.  It is a truly splendid place, filled with all things handmade, antique and fantastically original. 

A quote from their Facebook page is a great summation of their quest:  "We are committed to promoting our region's artisan ethos by providing workshop and studio space.  Makers find the ideal showcase for their finely crafted goods here with us.  Creators of rustic modern furniture, vendors of one-of-a-kind home goods, and hunters of antiques all find a place here.  Our large building boasts room enough for a diverse collection of local craftsmanship."   

Roundup: Sweet Tea Goblets for Entertaining and The Best Ever Sweet Tea Recipe

Any meal in the South is not complete unless there is a pitcher of sweet tea at the table. And if the table is very big, there are usually several pitchers set about for easy reach.  Generally, sweet tea can be served in just about any type of glass, from the humble Mason jar, to the finest footed crystal goblet.

For the holidays or any special occasion, it always makes for a stunning table to pull out the finest goblets that you have and set the table in all the festive finery you can find. Not only does it show your guests how happy you are to have them in your home, it denotes the importance of the celebration.

Celebrate: The Southern Vintage Dining Table

During my childhood and early adult years, Thanksgiving was spent at my maternal Grandmother's home in Northwest Georgia, surrounded by family from near and far.  My favorite memories revolve around time spent with the women in my family, bonding over the turkey and cranberry sauce, stories told while stirring the gravy, and all the love and laughter that we shared on this most special day.

Home Style: 6 Clever ways to Display and Enjoy your Travel Treasures!

I have been a collector of all types of travel trinkets since I was a very small child.  Each summer, my family would travel to the beach and I would spend hours collecting shells and shark's teeth to add to my shoe box of treasures packed away in my closet.  

Although my tastes have changed considerably, I still surround myself with treasures collected near and far.  Each time I walk into my home, I am immediately taken back to each and every grand adventure.