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Southern Traditions: The Art of the Thank You Note

Personalized stationery and the handwritten Thank You note are practically a lost art form in the world of digital nomads in which we live today.  But a Southern Lady always has a steady supply at hand.  We send a handwritten note for everything; from a bowl of soup dropped off to your home when you are sick to that perfect gift great Aunt Elizabeth sent you for your birthday. Each gift or thoughtful gesture is deserving of a few moments of your time to write and send a personalized thank you note.

Food & Drink: Chef Cory Bahr's Ol' Smokey

Chef Cory Bahr's Ol' Smokey Bourbon Cocktail

Who doesn't love a great bourbon cocktail?  I can't think of many a true Southern Lady or Gent who can truthfully answer "no" to that question.  I know that I personally, am a die hard fan of this Old Fashioned variation in particular.  

The Ol' Smokey was created by Chef Cory Bahr, owner of Restaurant Cotton and Nonna in Monroe, Louisiana, as a tribute to his grandfather and childhood memories of the good times they shared at the family's hunting camp.  Chef Bahr reminisces about evenings spent there, the smell of smoke from the wood fire and the smell of whiskey as he would keep the glasses full. He lovingly refers to it as "my childhood in a glass".

Celebrate: The Southern Vintage Dining Table

During my childhood and early adult years, Thanksgiving was spent at my maternal Grandmother's home in Northwest Georgia, surrounded by family from near and far.  My favorite memories revolve around time spent with the women in my family, bonding over the turkey and cranberry sauce, stories told while stirring the gravy, and all the love and laughter that we shared on this most special day.