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Welcome to our blog. We document our adventures in travel, style, life and all things Southern with grace and a touch of humor.  Hope you have a nice stay!

Welcome to Arielle and Archer!!!

Welcome to Arielle and Archer!!!

Welcome to Arielle and Archer Blog The Art of Gracious Southern Living

A Blog about The Art of Gracious Southern Living

Hello everyone!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our journey!  We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and hopefully get to know you a little through your comments and suggestions!

We are born and raised proper Southern ladies, living in the beautiful Scenic City of the South, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We are true best friends, confidants, sisters from another mother and utter partners in crime! 

We proudly possess an unequaled zest for life, love and the celebration of all things. Our blog is a guide to everything that is unique and special about the South.  From tradition and style to literature and libations, we offer a real-life view into all things below the Mason-Dixon Line and beyond!.

We will be posting about a number of interesting things, including traditional interiors and decor, recipes, Southern lifestyle, book reviews, travel stories and tips and random musings on life, love and the pursuit of happiness to name a few.  We strive to provide great content and to do it all with grace, gratitude and a touch of humor.

Please take a moment when you have an opportunity and browse through the posts that we have been busy preparing for you!  I hope you enjoy them all.

Come on along!  We welcome you to our adventures! 

A Note from Holley:

Hey there and welcome to the blog!  It is my desire to provide beautiful and informative content that is a source of inspiration for you all!

I am a creative at heart and love so many things about the South and the world that we share. I am a photographer, writer, stylist, history buff and a lover of all things beautiful.  I feel a special kinship with nature and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

I have always been drawn to things, people and places that are steeped in tradition and history. A beautifully embroidered vintage handkerchief can make me cry, for its beauty is timeless. A set of gold-rimmed tea cups makes my heart skip a beat and simply talking with someone who has a story to share is utterly fulfilling.

The love of my life is a gray tabby cat named Seymour, who is my constant companion, unofficial creative assistant and an ineffable source of amusement and laughter.

I look forward to sharing the things with you that touch my heart.  I hope they inspire you as well!

Until next time...Godspeed! 

Welcome to Arielle and Archer The Art of Gracious Southern Living

A Note from Elayne:

Howdy, and welcome! I hope you'll find the blog informative, entertaining, and perhaps thought-provoking.

I'm proud to be an American Southerner and enjoy sharing the wonders, traditions and eccentricities of the South with others. The love of my life is an Australian Shepherd named Elvis, with whom I have deep and meaningful one-way conversations.

I'm a relentless reader, writer, trivia buff, movie & music lover and a weird confluence of hopeless romantic and logical pragmatist. I enjoy conversations with other thinkers and coming up with obscure theories for things that can't be logically explained. My off the wall sense of humor has helped me survive an unusual life and varied career, from the automotive industry to advertising to technology.

My mind is never silent and I question everything, so I'm liable to discuss and/or ask your opinion on anything ranging from the latest movie, book or social movement to the validity of astrology, why daylight saving time is still utilized, or whether there's a realistic use for a degree in underwater basket-weaving.

I believe that, as humans, we're more alike than we are different, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Thanks for visiting and love on ya!

Welcome to Arielle and Archer The Art of Gracious Southern Living
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