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Weekending:  The Chattanooga Market

Weekending: The Chattanooga Market

Handmade pottery at the Chattanooga Market, everything from Mugs to Berry Bowls to Vases, the selection is beautiful

Spending a Lovely Sunday Afternoon at the Chattanooga Market

The Chattanooga Market is one of "The Top 10 Public Markets in America" according to Frommers. Now that, my friends, says a lot!

It s one of those places where I just love to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.  It truly provides a full day of food, fun, art, crafts and some stellar entertainment.  It is held each Sunday, from April through December and they have one of the best Christmas Markets anywhere in the South.  Whether you are craving fresh fruits and vegetables, a ballpark-style pretzel, a gorgeous piece of pottery or simply want to stroll and dream while sipping your favorite brew or a glass of Sangria, the Market is the place to do it all.  

Over 50  farms bring a wide variety of produce, meats and cheeses to the Market each week and artisans showcase their wares, from organic soaps and lotions to handcrafted unique jewelry pieces. This is the place to purchase a treasure trove of locally made items and enjoy live entertainment with two shows daily.  It is held in the open and airy First Tennessee Pavilion, just across the street from Finley Stadium with free parking nearby.  

For a full schedule and to find all the information you may need to plan your special day at the Market, follow the link below.  I hope to see you all there!

Tell us about your local market or your visit to the Chattanooga Market.  We would love to hear about it all!

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Artisan brews at the Chattanooga Market to cool you off while you enjoy the open air and live music
Southern Authors:  Eugene F. Walter, Native Son of Mobile

Southern Authors: Eugene F. Walter, Native Son of Mobile

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Quotes: The Wanderess by Roman Payne