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Wanderlust:  Na'ay Spa at the El Dorado Seaside Suites - The Pre-Hispanic Mystical Experience

Wanderlust: Na'ay Spa at the El Dorado Seaside Suites - The Pre-Hispanic Mystical Experience

The Fountain at the Na'ay Spa

The Pre-Hispanic Experience at the Na'ay Spa in Kantenah, Mexico

This was my 15th trip to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Yucatan Peninsula, but my first experience with the El Dorado Seaside Suites, a Karisma Resort (which I would highly, highly recommend, by the way).  Viola and I had been doing some serious jungle trekking and ruin exploration and decided that our poor, tired muscles would benefit from a little relaxation.  We signed up for the Pre-Hispanic Mystical Experience, preceded by the Water Journey...we didn't know it at the time, but we were in for the experience of a lifetime!

Our concierge golfcart driver picked us up right outside our room and we were off, down the palm tree-lined paths, through the beautiful gardens, past the 5-star restaurants and we arrived at the gorgeous Na'ay Spa.  We were greeted by our personal spa consultant (a quite handsome young fellow) who graciously showed us in, and started us on our journey.  

It began with changing into our swimsuits in our own personal dressing area (amazing), then he asked us to meet him next to the pool pictured above.  He handed us a cup of mystical clay and instructed us to cover our bodies in it, then proceed to the steam room.  This room was tiled, and as the name would imply, filled with hot, hot steam.  In combination with the clay, the steam would open and cleanse our pores.  This was a very relaxing, although somewhat slippery experience.  Through the relaxation and laughter, the time passed quickly and our handsome young fellow (HYF) was knocking on the door.  

We rinsed off the mystical clay and exited the steam room, to be welcomed by the open arms of HYF.  He enveloped each of us in our plush terry cloth robes and directed us to the cold room.  He told us that the cold room would close our pores (previously opened by the steam, of course) and prepare us for our Water Journey.  We entered the room, and just let me tell you, when they say cold, they MEAN cold.  Elayne and I both hung a single cheek on the frozen tile bench and made a concerted effort to breathe through chattering teeth.  Never in my life has ten minutes seemed more like an eternity.  But not to worry, HYF set us free soon enough and we were off on our Water Journey.

The Water Journey was indescribably awesome.  There were cascading founts of water specifically designed by the mystical spa Gods to caress, massage and manipulate every muscle in your body.  An underwater bed frame allowed you to recline and relax while the pulsating jets surrounded you with truly magical bubbles.  We spent a good amount of time enjoying all the pool had to offer before being whisked away by HYF to the showers.  It was now time for the absolute mystical experience to begin...

We were led to the massage rooms and introduced to our lovely massage therapists.  We disrobed (yes, all of it), laid down on the tables and were covered by crisp, fresh sheets.  Soft, soothing, soul-penetrating music played in the background and my mind's eye pictured a dark, starry night sky and my body felt the warmth of an imagined cozy fire.  The room was completely dark, only a vestige of light penetrated the blackness.  We lay face down, and our bodies were slathered with the most wonderful, exotically aromatic massage oils and lotions I had ever experienced.  The therapists massaged our bodies, heads and hair, it was glorious.  We were then wrapped in plastic and the ladies left the room; leaving us to drift off into our own oblivion.  I was still in a trance from the music and I enjoyed my starry, starry night for what seemed like hours.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and the door opened with a whisper from the ladies.  "Are you ready?", I didn't answer, I was still in a coma.  "Are you ready?", they asked again.  Viola finally stirred, then I followed a few seconds later.  We both replied "Yes" and tried to sit up on the side of the table to be unwrapped.  They had turned on a small light, to aid in the unwrapping process.  When my eyes finally adjusted, along with Viola's, we literally burst out laughing; not for a second or two, but one of those "can't catch your breath you are laughing so hard" episodes.  We both looked like the brides of Frankenstein.  Elayne's hair stood straight out from the back of her head.  It came to a perfect point and looked like it had been frozen in place.  Mine stood straight up from the top of my head, and I looked like I had stuck my finger into an electrical socket.  And our faces, good grief our faces...the masks had dried white.  We were a scary pair!  After we laughed until we split our sides, we departed to our separate shower stalls and washed away the scary.

Elayne departed her shower first, and I was a few seconds behind her.  She started to get dressed, thinking that our mystical experience was over.  I had heard the ladies say they would clean the tables and put down clean, fresh sheets, then we were to return to the tables, face up this time to continue with the other side.  After some back and forth discussion, I convinced her that we were indeed not through yet.  We settled in for round two and the ladies weren't too scared to join us again.

We had another fabulous session, again transported to another place and time by the exotic smells, the skillful massage and the awe inspiring music.  We knew, this time, that after the shower, our journey at the Na'ay Spa had come to an end.  I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, it was the most Mystical Experience I have ever been through.  As we left, to sum up how we felt and to quote Elayne directly, "You can just roll me up and put me on a doily, I'm done!"

Our time at the El Dorado Seaside Resorts and the experience of the Na'ay Spa are some of my fondest memories.  I have, in fact, threatened to hop a plane to Cancun for a weekend, just to visit the spa once again.  My love affair with Mayan culture is long-running and I have no doubt that I will return again, trip number 16.  When I do, I will stay at the El Dorado and I will most certainly partake in the Pre-Hispanic Mystical Experience once more.  It was a truly fabulous, utterly unforgettable and soul-altering trip into the mystical Maya!

Tell us about your experiences in Playa Del Carmen or your favorite spa day!  We can't wait to hear about it all!

Until next time, Godspeed!

The Na'ay Spa's Description of the Pre-Hispanic Mystical Experience
A treatment born from the search for a balance between the body and the inner self—a perfect combination of massage and skin treatments, where you will experience a synergy of aromas and the benefits of natural plant extracts like Lemon Balm and Rosemary. Includes a relaxing massage ritual during the session.
The Na'ay Spa The Mayan Vision at the El Dorado Seaside Suites Playa Del Carmen
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