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Home Style:  6 Clever ways to Display and Enjoy your Travel Treasures!

Home Style: 6 Clever ways to Display and Enjoy your Travel Treasures!

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Beautiful ways to Showcase your Treasures from Across the Globe

I have been a collector of all types of travel trinkets since I was a very small child.  Each summer, my family would travel to the beach and I would spend hours collecting shells and shark's teeth to add to my shoe box of treasures packed away in my closet.  

Although my tastes have changed considerably, I still surround myself with treasures collected near and far.  Each time I walk into my home, I am immediately taken back to each and every grand adventure.  

The main photograph features an angel from the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat tucked away amidst a tangle of tiny golden strands of natural straw-like fibers and a reverse painted glass tortoiseshell box from the Dutch island of St. Maarten.  A cloche is a fantastic way to corral smaller treasures and turn them into a beautiful display that adds character to your home and brings joy to your wandering heart.

Frame postcards in simple silver frames, an affordable way to display your travel treasures

These are black and white postcards in simple silver frames.  They sit on a side table next to my sofa and remind me of that fabulous night of Flamenco in Sevilla.  I can hear the music each time they catch my eye...simple, elegant, inexpensive and beautiful!

Cloches can be used to highlight and display a single treasure or create your perfect little vignette

A cloche again, yes I'm obsessed, but they make perfect little treasure showcases.  I try to only buy the things I know I will love forever, and this Hermes tea cup was one of those things!  It had to be mine and now it sits, in all its glory on my dining room buffet.  Cloches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and lend themselves very well to showcasing the special things. Whether you create a tiny village or display a single piece, they are guaranteed to make your treasures the focal point of any collection.

Affordable horn frame from World Market turns a corner of your desk into a daily reminder

This is a photograph that I took myself at Uxaml, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre located about 39 miles south of Merida in the Yucatan.  The frame is made of naturally shed antlers and it sits on the corner of my desk, where I see it constantly.  Mayan history and culture are an obsession of mine, and this is truly one special memory.  A very easy project to add to your decor...just pick that perfect photo and a gorgeous frame and you're done.  You will love it forever more!

A tiny cloche with a wood base makes the perfect artifact holder from your favorite vacation spot

This little lady, Flamenca, is a porcelain piece made in the Nadal factory in Valencia, Spain. Although it is difficult to tell from the photo, Flamenca is only about 4 inches tall and she fits perfectly into (yes, another) cloche :)  She has such a peaceful and thought-provoking expression on her face, she just makes me happy!  And that's what it is all about!

These are but a few of my travel treasures, and I will share more in an upcoming post.  I hope you have found some inspiration in my collection and will create a collection of your own that you will treasure for years to come.

Share your ideas and creations below.  I look forward to learning your tips, tricks and techniques.

Until next time...Godspeed!

6 ways to display your travel treasures with style
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