Hello, and welcome to Arielle and Archer.

We are Holley and Elayne, born and raised proper Southern ladies, living in the beautiful Scenic City of the South, Chattanooga, Tennessee. We grew up about 10 miles apart in Northwest Georgia, on either end of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, surrounded by a storied history and a deep-rooted culture.  

We are true best friends, confidants, sisters from another mother and utter partners in crime!  We are also professional business women who enjoy traveling throughout the South and occasionally venturing out across the globe, but our lives and hearts will always belong right here, in the center of the place we call home, our beloved Tennessee!  

The South has many charms, too many to name in this short space for certain.  From the best barbecue you will ever put in your mouth and music that tugs at your heartstrings to the friendliest people you'll ever encounter. The South is hospitable, genuine, filled with tradition and it is a state of mind, not just a geographical location.  We proudly possess an unequaled zest for life, love and the celebration of all things.  

Arielle & Archer is a guide to everything that is unique and special about the South. From tradition and style to literature and libations, we offer a real-life view into all things below the Mason-Dixon Line.  The blog is written for the consummate Southern woman with a desire to experience the best that life has to offer; and we strive to provide it all with the grace and gratitude that have been instilled in us since birth.

Come along with us on this journey and we truly hope you enjoy the ride!

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